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Our Vision..

Why L H Remedies?

L H Remedies began in Mayfair, London in 2018. Two business partners inspired by the psychology behind cleaner living, healthier choices and integrating Zen into their everyday lives.

Our range of Skincare, Beauty and Haircare products helps bring peace and relaxation to a increasingly-stressful lifestyle, whilst benefiting from organically sourced, natural ingredients.


After years of perfecting the best formulas and recipes, our only true mission is to share our findings and bring a small piece of tranquility to those that need it.  

All our products branded L H Remedies are Vegan Friendly and Animal Cruelty Free, to ensure a sustainable production.

As we work with others worldwide to bring the best, you can be assured our products come with Mothernature in mind.


From our unique clean fragrances to nourishing skin products, we are constantly working on bringing Zen to everyone around us.

As we continue to expand, we aim to move towards more sustainable packaging, all the while expanding the range. 

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to expand and better ourselves to provide a product unmatched by its competitors.

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