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'Save Mama Earth' Project

We’ve all got a lot on our plates. But if we want to make a difference through our work, we need to be clear on our priorities. And never has this been truer than with climate change.

Lots to do. Little time.

There’s no lack of ideas and good intentions. Organisations are making significant commitments to get to net zero. Green initiatives are sprouting up in every industry. Individuals are taking steps to live more sustainable lives.

We’re realising there’s no bigger priority than our planet, and we’re in this together. But some days, the scale and speed of the changes we need to make feels overwhelming. So how do we make meaningful progress – and fast?

We can’t do everything at once. Some things will make a bigger difference than others. And we’ll learn new lessons along the way. How do you stay focused when everything matters? 

The LH Remedies Team have been working continuously, sourcing new packaging and ensuring our production from start to finish is as economical as possible.

Although we are not 100% there yet, below are the ways we have changed our products to meet our targets, and what where we plan to be in the future.

Since our start in 2018, we can proudly say 

The 'Save Mama Earth' Project

From September 2022, we will be introducing new products that may be tagged 'Save Mama Earth', this simply states that virtually all of the packaging is recyclable, and Ethically/Locally sourced, some are even reclaimed sea plastics!

Although we haven't quite reached every product yet, however we are proud to say that more than 85% of our products are included in this project.

Our stock never goes to landfill. All damaged stock is donated to our charity partner, ‘seconds’ stock is given a second chance through private sales (KCM), and excess stock is sold through our two outlet stores based in Asia.

To help with our Carbon footprint, we aim to manufacture our products in countries where the raw materials are sourced, to avoid excessive shipping of materials around the world. Currently, all our products are sourced and created in the UK, with only international shipping adding to our footprint. By 2025, we plan to have two more offices in Asia where product distribution can take place, thus lowering the transportation in our products. No waste in created when bottling and processing our items.


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